Get to know me

Name-My name is Nkechi. [In-Kay-she]

Nationality– I’m from Nigeria but currently living in Iceland.

Hobbies– My hobbies are Singing, listening to music and reading novels.

My favorite quote – All is well 🙂

Religion– I’m a Christian.

Favorite colour –  Don’t really have a favorite colour, but I’m not a big fan of flashy colours.

Random things about me 

  • I don’t eat chocolate, cheese, and mayonnaise
  • I’m a big Korean Movie Fanatic
  • I can be so random
  • My birthday is on the 15th of April
  • I’m an introvert/extrovert
  • I love the smell of paint, nail polish, coffee, and petrol.
  • I don’t have any favorites thing because I get bored and want to try something new. (well except baked beans🤷🏾‍♀️)
  • I like to be extra and want the best
  • My new obsession is my special way of cooking baked beans. I can eat this every day and I make sure to let everyone close to me know that.😅

Thanks for visiting, hope you find my post helpful and fun:-)


Gracedmelanin  (Nkechi).

This space is always prone to changes because I am ever changing and growing.

Last updated 20/11/17