About my Blog…

Welcome to my blog

In case you are wondering where or how I got ‘gracedmelanin’ from… So I wanted to give my blog a name, something unique. I knew I wanted to have something to do with embracing being black, because, I love being my skin colour especially in a world that does not accept it. So at first, I choose ‘itskayshezblaq'(It’s ok she’s black) and I had it for a while but I wasn’t feeling it. Then one day I was brainstorming for another name and came up with ‘GRACEDMELANIN’; because she is graciously graced with melanin.

On this blog, I share and will be sharing my outfit with you guys and hopefully, you get inspired by it.


I feel style is very personal, like art, you can express yourself and sometimes your mood through it. For me, I like being ‘extra’ and I’d express that by wearing off-shoulders, backless and so on.

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