My Experience of Being a Baldie

Hello Gems,

Welcome back to my blog and I should say Happy New Year.

If you have been following me on Instagram you’d know I recently shaved off my hair. I know a lot of people were curious as to why I shaved my hair so I would like to share my reasons for making this decision and my experience so far.


Being a baldie has different reasons which are specific to each individual who decides to go bald, to some it might be a necessity, like in the case of alopecia, cancer, while to another it might be for the experience. So in the blog post I’d be sharing my experience.


It’s been almost 2 months now


At the end of the day it’s just hair, it would grow back.


If I’m being honest I am not trying to make anyone understand my decision, I am just trying to put this out there for the curious mind. I have always wanted to try short hair again, ( I say again because I use to have short hair while growing up. Schools in Nigeria requires that we have short-shaved hair so we could focus on our studies better) I just hadn’t brought myself to make the decision. Just like many women today I am attached to my hair. Losing my hair would be like losing a part of me, the thought of letting it go could put me in a state of vulnerability. The idea that hair is the beauty of a woman could have been part of the reason for this attachment. Shaving my hair, to me would mean more than just the mere act of shaving it, it would be a self-discovery, it would be me redefining what beauty actually means to me. I saw this movie ‘Nappily Ever After’ late last year and I was inspired by it but still, I couldn’t bring myself to shave it. I was always like “one day, I would”. Then one day I was making my hair, (like I always do since it is expensive to get your hair done where I live) after sitting down for more than 7hrs, I was like “I am fed up! I am going to shave my hair”

Then the courage to actually go for it came. I watched lots of YouTube videos to make sure I was making the right decision plus I was going to dye it myself. I also followed some Instagram account that supports women who are going ‘bald’ or who are already baldies. Here are the two I.G. account I follow @baldierevolution and @baldgirlsdoitbetter


My first reaction at the barbershop was one of excitement, that I had to immediately take a picture of myself. But on getting home and looking at the mirror a couple of times it really hit me that I had actually shaved my hair off. I was a bit hesitant about dying my hair because I was scared I might look weird, but I decided to do it anyway. Because if I have come this far, I might as well just colour it. So far I am really loving my new look. I have gotten lots of great compliments on the hair as well as a lot of ‘whys’

At the barbershop
My first Selfie with my new haircut

Most people say when you cut hair your confidence level automatically boosts up. If I’d be honest with you, I don’t think my confidence level changed a lot, but one thing that’s happening to me for sure is being comfortable with having short hair, rocking it wherever and however, with and without makeup on, loving myself and seeing myself as beautiful regardless of my long hair and short hair since I use to think that I’d not look beautiful with short hair. Do I miss my hair? Yes, but you know what? Once I grow my hair out I’d also miss having short hair. Isn’t that how we react to things in life, We yearn for something, we get it then we begin to miss the things we once had. So I would just enjoy it as long as I can. Am I still attached to my hair? maybe, maybe not. I still don’t know how long I’d be having it short before I grow it out, but we’d see.

Isn’t that how we react to things in life, We yearn for something, we get it then we begin to miss the things we once had.

  • It is low maintenance
  • Saves hair product which in turn saves your money🤷🏾‍♀️
  • Saves your time
  • You a real badass because not everyone’s got the guts to do that
  • It is an experience, it can not be fully understood unless experienced
  • It might let you redefine what beauty means to you, in a good way of course (at least in my experience).
  • If you are into colours, you could experiment with different colours
  • Since you would be shaving it off anyways, you would not have to worry about the damage bleaching does to the hair😉
  • And many more which I can’t remember
  • One of it definitely has to be the cold, Y’all! if you live in a cold country your hair is actually doing you some good because once that hair is no more there, the wind and cold go into your brain. So yea your scalp gets cold.
  • There are not many things you could do to your hair. For me, I get bored easily so I like to switch things up every now and then. But that was more possible when I had hair. If you have wigs you could slap it on but I decided to do no wigs for now.
  • You could be misjudged. For me, someone once asked me if am a lesbian, I was confused for a minute, like seriously🤷🏾‍♀️
  • You would have to re-trim and re-colour it because of the new growth. It is quite an irony that I use to worry about my hair not growing when I was growing it out, but being a baldie currently, when I see new growth, I be like “Can you slow down please”
  • Oh, yea! If you bleach your hair, it gets really really really dry and your texture loosens so, moisturizer would have to be your best friend.
  • You might get some few weird comments. Like people be telling me I look like Amber Rose or some celebrity/model they know. And oh yea! someone once referred to me as a dude… am like bruh! you must be joking.
  • Other than that, the journey has been mostly good.

Ladies, have you ever had your hair shaved? if yes could you share your experience with us? If no, have you ever consider trying it? Guys, what is your take on ladies with short hair like mine? I would be looking forward to reading your comments.

Thanks for stopping by,

Yours truly,

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