Lemon & Plum, Beetle & Embroidery

What’s up guys!

Welcome back to my blog💁🏾

You might be wondering where my title came from… Well, it’s all from my outfit, there all these details going on, all combined in one outfit. 

I had so much fun posing for these pictures. Shalla to my baby sis for taking them. I got the shirt and short together from Zara and I have had it for a while but haven’t styled it together.

Even though it had a lot of things going on, it still worked out well.  Sometimes pairing two different patterned-outfit can look like a disaster but you can make it work. One thing I did here was; instead of going for a solid colour shirt I replaced it with this shirt which doesn’t have much going on. Now I’m not telling you to join every beetle top and plum high-waisted short you have. The idea is to pair a monochromatic pattern with your other pattern. I would insert a picture below about mixing patterns which I got from Pinterest, who knows it might help someone out there.

When I saw this bag, I fell in love with it and believe me it had no connection with Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ album(wink wink)😅😅. I totally knew I was going to do some colour-blocking with it. I added the bag because it just brings life to the whole outfit, it just compliments it so well.
Anyways have fun mixing your patterns and colours and don’t be afraid of trying something new.


  • Shirt –  ZARA
  • Shorts – ZARA
  • Heels – Public Desire
  • Bag – SheIn (I should warn you it’s small but don’t worry it can fit your keys)
  • Earrings – Aliexpress (In case you’re interested. It’s only $3 by the way #notsponsored)


4 thoughts on “Lemon & Plum, Beetle & Embroidery

  1. “I added the bag because it just brings LIFE to the whole outfit” sounds so natural. This is amazingly my favorite post so far.

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