Hey Birthday!! Is that you again?👀

Hi guys!

Today’s post is dedicated to my birthday which was recently. I had so much fun taking this pictures. Though it was sunny it was cold as heck #thecrazythingsyoudoforthingsyoulove.

I’m wearing a two-piece set from Fashion Nova paired with heels.

‘I hope you see beyond the darkness’

‘The sky is very close to you if you believe you can reach it’

‘Hey girl! your laughing face is beautiful’

I’m a total sucker for high waist pants and off-shoulders so this outfit was just so ME.

I am a kind of person that express myself through my dressing. Sometimes my mood reflects in my outfit. There are days when I am not ‘in the mood’ I just put on those ‘i-don’t-care-clothes’ and there are days were I am in a good mood and I be like ‘I want to slayyy today’. Anyways all I am saying in excess is, I express myself through my outfits. What about you guys, do you think your outfit sometimes reflect your mood?.

Shout out to my friends, Marlon for being my photographer and Rachael for being out there with me. I luh you guys.

What I’m wearing 

Thanks for stopping by…




“Sometimes you have to quit explaining yourself to others because they can only see what they can see and not what you see, so explaining yourself would be like pouring water into a basket”

One thought on “Hey Birthday!! Is that you again?👀

  1. Well, most times I’m forced to dress in a certain manner because of work, people and some places I often need to visit. Thus, my outfits only give a little depiction of my mood. Happy birthday

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