Hi guys, hurray! It’s a new year. I haven’t posted in ages due to lots of things going on, but hopefully, I’ll get to post more often this year by God’s grace, Amen.

In this post, I’m pairing a high-waist trousers with an off-shoulder-not-so-off-shoulder-top, sigh!. To be honest, I took this pictures earlier around December 2016( wao! sounds like a long time ago since it’s 2017 already but it was just about 3 weeks ago, puff!! ), but I couldn’t upload it because I was thinking it’s not bright enough. Here in Iceland, during winter, the day breaks at 12 pm and it gets dark at 3 pm hence the not-so-bright background, so kindly bear with me.

Anyways enough rambling, just make sure you increase your phone brightness before checking them pictures *wink* *wink*



Where was I going to here though

img_05671img_05201img_05161img_05381img_04901Sidenote: In case you noticed but I just changed my name from itskaykay to gracedmelanin, yasss.


Tips I use when styling;

  • Pairing a short top or a crop top with a high waist jean or trousers is usually bomb
  •  Off-shoulder tops would be lovely under a sleeveless jacket

Things I’m wearing

  • Top- Zara
  • Trousers- Zara
  • Jacket-Newlook
  • Shoes- Zara (It’s obvious I love Zara)
  • Choker- eBay ( You guys don’t sleep on eBay and Aliexpress, you just have to find the legit stuff and brands there especially on Aliexpress)

Thanks so much for stopping by, don’t forget to follow me via email to get notified when I upload something new. Happy new year guys.

Much Love


Gracedmelanin a.k.a Nkechi

Peace Out.

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