One short, different look.

Hi guys:-)!!! I’m back again:-). Well,it’s almost the end of May, so I’ll like to believe it’s summer,even though we get like 10°C here in Iceland, well one can’t complain but be grateful :-).

I decided to pair this cute bright orange short and the wide strap top in different ways to get different looks. I had so much fun doing this and I hope you guys like it and find it helpful:-)

I made a scarf into a choker and it went pretty well with it, I paired it up with this grayish-green sneakers.


Denim jacket also went well on it.
With some heels
Was just trying to have some fun 🙂
Blue with orange was not a bad idea 😉 , paired with heels



Paired with a brown bag
Paired with a black leather jacket.


THINGS WORN; Please note, for some of the clothes worn but not mentioned was because I can’t really remember where I got them from,I’ve had them for a while.

  • Scarf – Nigeria Market lol…
  • Wide strap top – F&F
  • Short- Soho Market (Iceland)
  • Sneakers –NEXT
  • Black Shoes – Got them in Nigeria 🙂

Thank you sooo much for checking out my post:-). Which look was your favorite? Please comment, like and share 🙂

Hope to see you again

XOXO… :-)*

Itskaykay (Nkechi).



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